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Loans and travel: why it is worthwhile to request a holiday loan.


After a year of hard work, the desire to pack up and take a nice trip is sky-high. The people of vacationers, after several years of crisis, have started to grow again. It is not surprising given that the passion for travel is widespread among Italians, people of explorers, and a beautiful regenerating vacation, be it by the sea, in the mountains or in a wellness center, is the desire of many.
But what do you do when the journey of our dreams involves an important budget ? More and more people are choosing to apply for holiday loans. Is this solution worthwhile? Let’s see it together!

Holiday loans: why they agree and how to request them

Holiday loans: why they agree and how to request them

Requesting a holiday loan is a great choice for those who want to leave stress behind and finally enjoy the journey they have been planning for a long time! Safe, quick and accessible to both workers and retirees (the guarantee of the pay slip or pension check is essential), holiday loans are the best option for those who do not want to give up dream destinations and want to enjoy some fun more during the trip.

Hands up who, when on vacation, would not like to indulge in a dinner at a starred restaurant or the chance to stay in a fabulous luxury hotel in the name of total relaxation!

In all these cases the travel loan proves to be a valid solution. How to request it? The options are different!

There is the possibility to go to the travel agency closest to home and purchase a trip in installments, entering into a loan with a partner financial institution. In this case, it is a loan for the trip itself (and therefore linked to the specific need).

Alternatively, you can apply directly to specialized lenders by choosing an unfinished loan, whose liquidity you can freely dispose of (maybe even for other projects or domestic work). In this second case, the Cession of the Fourthe is surely the master, we discover why!

Holiday loans: the advantages of the Cession of the Fourthe

Holiday loans: the advantages of the Cession of the Fifth

When it comes to holiday loans it is natural to call into question the Cession of the Fourthe:

  • This unfinished loan is for employees and retirees;
  • Simple to request : the procedure is quick and streamlined and you don’t need to have mortgages;
  • It has a fixed rate and can last up to 120 months ;
  • It is really a profitable alternative, since the payment of the installment takes place directly by the employer or the pension institution and you do not have to worry about paying the installment by bulletin;
  • Furthermore, the Assignment of the Fourthe is a loan that is always sustainable as the monthly payment is a maximum of 20% of the sum received as a salary or pension.