Do Banks Refuse? Take a Payday Loan!

Today, it is no secret to anyone that a payday loan can be obtained much easier than a bank loan. Payday Loans request fewer documents to conclude an agreement, and the requirements for the borrower’s financial situation are much lower. One of the Credit Histories Bureau conducted a study, the result of which confirmed this information.


According to the study

overdue loans are also actively credited


People with overdue loans are also actively credited, as are borrowers with a good credit history. Only 15% of Russians, in whose credit history, there are marks of delinquencies, receive a loan from a bank, the remaining 85% receive microloans from Payday Loans.

Statistics reports that in the first quarter of this year, more than 2.5 million payday loans were issued. Last year, over the same period, it was issued 18% less. Also increased the total amount of issue and the average check.


Credit awareness for Payday Loans

Credit awareness for Payday Loans

The index of credit awareness for Payday Loans is gradually approaching post-crisis indicators (at the moment it is 0.8 percentage points).

Experts believe that the expansion of the microfinance market is not only due to the fact that the Payday Loan issues microloans to almost everyone, but due to a number of other reasons. The growth trend has been noticed for several years. Together with the constant increase in the portfolio, the reliability of the Payday Loans increases, the conditions and quality of the services provided in general improve. In addition, microcredit companies do not cease to expand product lines.


Denied a loan over and over again?

Denied a loan over and over again?

Therefore, if you have difficulties with banks and you are denied a loan over and over again – take a payday loan. If you need a small amount, you only need a passport for registration of the contract, and the money can be received on the same day. And if you use the services of the same company, then the next receipt of money will be faster, and the amount of the possible loan will grow. At the same time, most companies reduce the percentage of payday loans and, as a rule, significantly.

PBB Bank Cash Loan Without Certification

It has not been so easy yet … The PBB Bank cash loan without certificates and the payment of cash even on the day of filling out the application. The cash loan from PLN 1,000 to PLN 120,000, up to PLN 24,000 without certification will please anyone who needs a quick injection of cash for any purpose on maximally simplified procedures without the requirement to provide income documents.


Cash loan, consolidation loan and mortgage loan

Cash loan, consolidation loan and mortgage loan

Cash loan, consolidation loan and mortgage loan “Own Mortgage Corner” are one of the most well-known and appreciated by many Poles products in PBB Bank. Each client at PBB Bank can count on substantive support of experts and professional advisory services. Having a personal account at PBB Bank, you do not have to limit yourself. An Account without Borders is 0 PLN for card withdrawals from all ATMs in Poland and worldwide, 0 PLN for domestic transfers, standing orders and direct debits, 0 PLN for an account card.

PBB Bank came up with the idea of ​​how to significantly shorten the process of setting up a ROR online. The courier will deliver not only the contract, but also the debit card and notify the bank by SMS that the client has signed the documents. Such a procedure is a market novelty.


Consolidation loan in PBB Bank

Consolidation loan in PBB Bank

Thanks to the consolidation loan offer prepared by PBB Bank, you can count on 120,000 PLN along with the credited costs and by consolidating many different obligations such as credit card debt or account limit, cash loans, auto loans and installments. The consolidation loan of PBB Bank is primarily a low interest rate, additional cash for any expenses and a maximum amount of up to PLN 120,000. zlotys, the repayment can be spread even for 120 comfortable installments.


A cash loan at PBB Bank

A cash loan at PBB Bank

In PBB Bank is a cash loan, which can be used for any purpose chosen by the client.It  is also a loan for people who have loans in several banks and would like to pay one, lower installment , because it also functions as a consolidation loan . The interest rate and commission for Mini Carriage are set individually. The cash loan is often covered by various promotions , which is why it is beneficial not only for existing customers of the PBB Bank

3 Reasons Why Credit Card Debt Trapped

Credit cards are always a double-edged sword. The function of a credit card is usually useful, especially if you want to get more discounts when using promotions. On the other hand, the use of credit cards can also be a cause of your debt, which can lead you to other debt effects . Here are 3 reasons why you can get into credit card debt.


Frequently Use Credit Cards for Entertainment Funds

Frequently Use Credit Cards for Entertainment Funds


The difficulty of rejecting the invitation of friends or family to leave on weekends can usually be your starting point to start using credit cards for entertainment funds. When making transactions to pay for food or other things, credit cards can be very tempting to use. Not to mention that there are now many promotions that have sprung up in restaurants and attractions. Payments using credit cards can usually provide more promotions than cash payments. Unfortunately, the use of an uncontrolled credit card for entertainment fund purposes can backfire and even make someone become trapped in credit card debt.


Often Shop Online Using a Credit Card

Often Shop Online Using a Credit Card

Similar to using a credit card for entertainment funds, you can usually get more discounts when shopping online using a credit card. Generally the promotion that applies is an additional discount or payment in installments with a 0% discount for several months. Even though it is interesting because it is without interest, still shopping without control with a credit card can only make someone get into credit card debt. Let’s just say you have 5 items bought in installments of 0%, still you have to provide enough funds to pay for each arrears. If there is not enough funds, of course the opportunity to pay the 0% is useless, right?


Forced to Use Credit Cards for Emergency Conditions

One of the causes of other debt entanglement is being forced to use a credit card to meet emergency conditions. Usually to meet urgent funds it is not uncommon for people to rely on credit cards to bail out costs. Some of these emergency conditions such as accidents, funds for renovating a house or repairing a vehicle, or when the card owner suddenly does not have a job or regular income. The problem is that even though the bank knows that this is an emergency and you are forced to use it even though you know you can’t pay it off, the bank will still provide regular bills every month.

After knowing what are the causes of getting into credit card debt, we hope that you can be more careful in using and knowing where to use your credit card. If indeed you have overused your credit card recently, you just need to make sure that you still have enough funds to pay the bills in the following month. The following is an article from us, How to pay off your credit card so you can be free from debt.

Cash loan Tu and cash loan There. A Cash Loan

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Cash loan – the best offers. Compare loans

Cash loan - the best offers. Compare loans

Needed the best, cheapest cash loan? Online cash loan? Or maybe a five-dollar cash loan with minimum formalities, an interest rate of 5% up to PLN 200,000 zł? Just here you have a cheaper cash loan of up to 20,000. PLN APRC: 5.12%. You do not have to run around banks anymore. Here we have all the best cash loans and in the promotion with an installment of PLN 100 per month for the loan amount of PLN 5,000, PLN 200 monthly for the loan amount PLN 10,000, PLN 300 monthly for the loan amount PLN 15,000 and PLN 400 monthly for the loan amount PLN 20,000

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The Perfect Cash Loan in Payday Bank

payday loan

Do you care that the cash loan is cheap? The best solution can be the Perfect Cash Loan in Payday Bank, it’s money even in 10 minutes from submitting the application! The loan amount may be up to PLN 150,000. SBP Bank provides minimum formalities to anyone who decides to apply for a Payday Loan. Thanks to the offer of the most frequently chosen cash loans in Poland, here and there, you can take the best cash loan in Poland.

At SBP Bank, the maximum amount of a cash loan in the amount of PLN 150,000 PLN is available to clients earning income from a contract of employment, in other cases the maximum loan amount is PLN 120,000. zł.

A Cash Loan As Proof In A Bank?

Loan companies, together with tightening the criteria for granting cash loans in banks, started to gain customers by building their positive financial results. It should be said that loans in these companies are granted at a much higher percentage than in banks. Despite the fact that both banks and parabanks are subject to the anti-usury law and the maximum ceiling on interest rates on loans and lending at the rate of 4 times the lombard rate of the National Bank of Poland. However, loan companies charge a lot of accompanying fees, which the banks do not do. Despite the high costs of bank loans, there are plenty of people willing to borrow, mainly due to the fact that you can take out such a loan for “proof”. Meanwhile, a similar offer can also be obtained from banks. How is this possible?

Making the cash loan market more flexible

Making the cash loan market more flexible

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority, deciding to amend the Recommendation T, in 2012 at the same time undertook to make the cash loan market more flexible. It enabled banks to freely grant cash loans on simplified terms. In some cases, it is not necessary to present as many certificates and documents for cash loans as for a mortgage or consolidation loan. Customers who have already worked with a given bank have the best chance of getting a loan, eg they have a bank account with regular receipts.

Simplified lending procedure


If we want to get a cash loan quickly and we do not want to provide a whole stack of documents to the bank for this purpose, we should find out what conditions for cash loans can be offered by our bank, in which we have, for example, an open personal account. If for half a year we kept such an account and had a permanent income on the account, we can obtain a cash loan of up to six times the average wage in the national economy without unnecessary documents. This is a type of cash loan for evidence that is intended only for regular bank customers.