Loans under agreement for state employees. and pensioners

Loans under agreement for state employees. and pensioners


When asking for funding, it is important to have a complete picture of all the possible roads. In fact, some categories of customers are given particularly advantageous conditions and ad hoc products, which ensure practicality and convenience. This is the case of loans in convention dedicated to state employees and pensioners. Let’s find out what they are, what benefits they offer and how to request them!

What are convention loans?

What are convention loans?

“Convention loans” are those that, thanks to agreements between credit institutions and public bodies, guarantee beneficiaries some exclusive advantages, including:

  • Subsidized rates;
  • Reduced delivery times;
  • Simplified practices.

Loans in the PaNet agreement for state employees and loans in NiPS for retirees are part of these financing agreements. Let’s see them in detail.

Loans in the PaNet agreement for state employees

Loans in the NoiPA agreement for state employees

Through PaNet, the portal dedicated to the economic treatment of public employees, public administration workers can directly access two types of loans:

  • Small loan, which guarantees limited amounts of money to be repaid in 12, 24, 36 or 48 installments;
  • Long-term loan, which provides more important amounts with five-year or ten-year repayment plans, but is granted only to meet specific family or personal needs, which must be communicated at the time of the request.

But how to behave if the small loan is not sufficient and the conditions for the multi-year loan are not met? The winning alternative is the Assignment of the Fourthe in the PaNet agreement for state employees, a form of fixed-rate financing that allows for the obtaining of $ 5,000 to $ 75,000.

The Cession of the Fourthe:

  • It returns with comfortable monthly salary deductions, which are paid directly by the employer and never exceed 20% of the net payroll;
  • Being a loan not finalized, it does not oblige the applicant to specify how he intends to use the sums paid;
  • It does not provide guarantors or mortgages and always includes insurance coverage, to further protect the applicant and his family unit.

Are you a state employee and you want to carry out a project, get new liquidity or consolidate previous loans ? Choose Loans & Financing to benefit from the PaNet agreement and access to subsidized rates and quick and easy practices. We have over 20 years of experience in loans to state employees and a team of experts at your disposal: request your free consultation now!

Loans in NiPS agreement for pensioners

Loans in INPS agreement for pensioners

The NiPS has entered into agreements with some banking institutions to ensure its members loans at favorable conditions. The most successful formula among pension holders is the Assignment of the Fourthe in the NiPS Agreement, which adds to the many advantages of this form of financing the guarantee of subsidized rates agreed directly with the pension fund and the rapid disbursement of the loan, thanks to the possibility of managing the file via the Internet.


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